WordPress Outsourcing: What Services Can You Outsource?


With the rapid growth and expansion of the digital landscape, WordPress outsourcing has become the most sought-after service for companies looking to offer their clients a vast range of services. Outsourcing allows start-ups, SMBs, and individuals (freelancers) to access a pool of skilled professionals without hiring full-time employees, making it a cost-effective and flexible solution.

To learn more about WordPress outsourcing and its benefits, continue reading below. We have also listed the different WordPress services that businesses can outsource.

What is WordPress Outsourcing?

WordPress outsourcing involves delegating specific tasks or responsibilities to third-party experts or agencies with expertise & experience in dealing with WordPress-related projects. Instead of managing all aspects of a website in-house, outsourcing enables businesses to focus on their core activities while entrusting technical and design-related tasks to skilled professionals.

The process of WordPress outsourcing typically involves the following:

  • Identifying the specific areas where assistance is needed
  • Selecting a suitable WordPress outsourcing partner or team
  • Setting clear expectations and deliverables for the project.

This approach provides several benefits, such as reduced overhead costs, access to specialized talent, faster turnaround times, and the ability to scale resources as required.

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WordPress Services That You Can Outsource

When it comes to WordPress outsourcing, the common WordPress tasks that are outsourced include technical tasks, support, and maintenance. Below, we have provided an overview of all WordPress tasks typically outsourced by an individual (freelancer) or a business.

WordPress Website Development

Outsourcing WordPress development is common for start-ups and other small-scale digital businesses. Businesses can create fully functional websites tailored to their clients’ needs by partnering with experienced WordPress developers. Outsourced developers can handle tasks such as theme selection and customization, plugin integration, and responsive design implementation. They can also ensure the website is optimized for speed, performance, and user experience.

Custom Website Design

When outsourcing custom website design for WordPress, businesses should collaborate with experienced designers with an eye for aesthetics and user experience. The outsourced professionals should create visually appealing and fully functional WordPress themes that align with your clients’ brand identity and cater to their target audience.

From crafting captivating layouts and graphics to ensuring mobile responsiveness and intuitive navigation, outsourcing custom website design allows businesses to deliver a seamless and memorable user experience to their clients.

Website Maintenance and Support

Keeping a WordPress website running smoothly requires ongoing maintenance and updates. Outsourcing website maintenance ensures the site remains secure, up-to-date, and optimized for performance. A team of professionals can handle tasks such as regular updates, security patches, and backups. In addition, they can promptly address technical issues and provide 24/7 monitoring.

WordPress Conversion

Outsourcing this task allows businesses to work with professionals experienced in seamless website transfers. A WordPress agency can handle the entire conversion process efficiently, whether it’s converting a static HTML site, a Joomla or Drupal website, or even a different CMS to WordPress. They can also ensure that all content, designs, and functionalities are accurately transferred to the new WordPress website without issues.

Site Optimization

Outsourcing site optimization is a strategic decision to enhance website performance and user experience. Outsourced agencies can conduct comprehensive audits, optimize website elements such as images, code, and plugins, and implement caching and CDNs to boost website’s load time. Furthermore, they can fine-tune SEO elements, improve mobile responsiveness, and optimize the site’s database for better efficiency.

Website Migration

Transferring a website to a new hosting provider or domain can be a hassle if you don’t have the required technical expertise. As such, you can easily outsource this task to an experienced agency that can efficiently handle the migration process. They can ensure a seamless website data transfer, including content, images, databases, and plugins. Plus, they can carefully manage URL redirects to maintain SEO rankings and prevent broken links.

By outsourcing website migration, businesses can also minimize downtime, reduce the risk of data loss, and avoid technical complexities associated with the process.

eCommerce Setup and Management

Outsourcing eCommerce setup & management services is an effective solution for businesses venturing into online retail. An outsourcing agency can assist in setting up a fully functional and secure eCommerce store, integrating payment gateways, product catalogs, and shopping cart functionalities. They can also customize the store’s design and layout. Moreover, outsourced teams can handle day-to-day eCommerce management tasks such as product updates, order processing, and customer support.

Website Backup and Monitoring

A WordPress outsourcing agency can also provide website backup and monitoring services. They can help set up automated and regular backups of the entire website, including its files, databases, and configurations. In case of any data loss or security breach, the outsourced team can quickly restore the website to its previous state. Additionally, they can provide 24/7 monitoring to promptly detect and address potential issues, such as downtime or security threats.

Website Security and Updates

Some outsourcing agencies may offer services for WordPress website security and updates. Their services could include regular security audits, implementation of firewalls, and deployment of the latest security patches to protect websites from potential vulnerabilities. Furthermore, their team can handle WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates. This will ensure your client’s website operates on the latest versions at all times, minimizing security risks and compatibility issues.


Offering a comprehensive range of WordPress services can be challenging for companies, especially those just starting their online business journey. However, by opting for WordPress outsourcing, companies can overcome these hurdles and provide clients with diverse solutions without the burden of recruiting, training, and maintaining in-house teams.

Outsourcing allows access to diverse talents specializing in WordPress development, design, management, and maintenance. This cost-effective approach enables companies to maintain a competitive edge and deliver high-quality services to their clients. This, in turn, could help companies accelerate their business growth and success in the dynamic digital landscape.


What advantages does WordPress Outsourcing provide?

WordPress outsourcing offers several benefits, primarily access to a pool of experienced professionals. It is also cost-effective, flexible, and allows businesses to focus on their core activities while entrusting technical tasks to experts. By outsourcing WordPress services, businesses can complete more projects at quick turnaround times. This can help scale their business, enabling them to adapt to changing demands without any overhead costs.

What type of WordPress Outsourcing services do you offer?

As a full-service WordPress agency, we offer extensive WordPress outsourcing services to cater to diverse business needs. Our services include WordPress development, web design, speed optimization, malware removal services, and hacked site repair. We also offer WordPress conversion, CMS development, and WooCommerce development services. In addition, we offer website backup, security, update, maintenance, and support services. Plus, we offer white-label services.

How much does WordPress Outsourcing cost?

The cost of WordPress outsourcing can vary significantly based on several factors. The project’s complexity, scope of work, expertise, and specific services required all play a key role in determining the cost.

Simple tasks like theme customization or plugin integration may cost less, while custom website development might be expensive. Discussing project requirements and obtaining detailed quotes from potential outsourcing partners is essential to clearly understand the costs involved. Get in touch with us to get a free quote for your project!

How long does it take to complete an outsourced project?

The duration of an outsourced project can vary depending on its complexity, scope, and the specific services required. Simple tasks like theme customization or small website updates may be completed within a few days or weeks. More intricate tasks like custom website development or eCommerce setup may take several weeks to a few months. The timeline also depends on client responsiveness, feedback cycles, etc. For accurate estimates, discussing project timelines with the outsourcing partner before commencing the project is best.


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